Sunday, 12 May 2013


During the GE13, there was a lot of tension going about because of some "phantom" voters. People wanted to catch them and get rid of them so that they cannot vote. 

So, there were some people on facebook saying things like, "Bangla, go back to your own country la!", "Bangla Bangla Bangla", "Fuck you Banglas" and you get the gist. They were being mean to them (although not directly since they are ranting on facebook). 

Then, the videos of people hurting/being vulgar with these "phantom voters" started being shared around facebook. THE EXACT SAME PEOPLE who kept saying racist things about them then said, "Don't be mean to them la, we are still civil human beings".

And, I'm like, WTF man?! Just because you rant on facebook about them in a mean way doesn't mean that you are not being abusive or mean or racist too! How are you civil if you constantly insult them, even if it's through facebook? 

These are the people who are hypocrites. Good luck. 

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