Sunday, 5 May 2013

Malaysia's General Election 13

This post is kind of late but still. Today is Malaysia's 13th General Election. The election battle now is so intense, with stories/rumours about BN, DAP, PKR and so on. I don't really remember such an intense political scene for the last election (or maybe I just don't remember it).

I remember for the last election I followed my mum to vote, and there was practically nobody there (maybe it was late already, not sure). But just now I was waiting for my mum in the car while she went to vote, she came back within 10-15 minutes! Faster than I expected. I thought I would be waiting for at least an hour or more because from all the news of long queues. Haha!

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about people who keeps talking about how everyone who is eligible to vote - to vote.

Note: This is MY opinion. You are entitled to your own opinion. 

I find these people totally annoying. I mean they preach about how citizens to vote and those who don't vote are not exercising their rights as citizens to vote (and some even indirectly/directly insulting them). And it's not like they just say it once, they will talk about it over and over again and even post numerous posts on facebook.

Typically, people who don't vote will give reasons like, "I don't know much about the political issues, no point to vote", "Both parties do not appeal to me" and so on, you get the picture. Then, the "political preachers" will say things like, "Don't know also must learn about it", "Don't know it's not an excuse" and so on, you also get the picture.

I mean, if I don't know about which party is better and about politics, I shouldn't be pressured into voting right? I do not have interest to study about the political issues in Malaysia, honestly. And if you want to ask me to read up on it to be more knowledgeable and it is my right as a Malaysian citizen, let me ask you something.

Since you are a HUMAN, you have rights as humans, right? Then, I'm sure not many people are that knowledgeable with the human body as let's say a doctor. Then, can a doctor say to you, "Since you are a human, please study more about the human body, since it is YOUR RIGHT to know about it since you are a HUMAN, if you want to continue living". Or, perhaps, a psychologist were to say to you, "Read up on psychology, if you want to remain sane, since it is YOUR RIGHT as a PERSON with a BRAIN" OR EVEN, an architect telling you, "PLEASE STUDY ARCHITECTURE, since it is YOUR RIGHT as a house owner".

See how annoying it is if people were to keep doing this?

I'm not saying, vote or don't vote, I'm just saying, let people have their own decisions! I'm also not saying that I won't vote, I will vote when I am eligible.

Maybe I don't feel so strongly right now about the political scene because now it's not "my time" to vote and make that type of difference in the country. Maybe next time I will. Who knows?

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