Sunday, 22 September 2013

Feeling overwhealmed

Have I used this title before? I feel like I did. Haha

Anyway, been feeling overwhelmed these few days. Just feel like crying although I haven't really done anything yet.

Things to do:
1. Try to meet up with my thesis supervisor by this Friday to discuss my Ethics Submission. MUST
2. My paper on Token Economy due next Monday.
3. My group paper on Dyslexia and our center visits due next Tuesday (hoping to get this extended but I don't think it'll happen...)

For my thesis, I haven't even found all the questionnaire I need. Sigh.
My paper on Token Economy, I JUST STARTED finding articles (haven't even written it yet)
I haven't even started my part for the group assignment.

I can't take it anymore. I just want to cry.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Super suay!

On Friday, I was super suay wtf I dropped my mum laptop bag (with her laptop inside) onto my left toe! SUPER PAIN!!! SDFDSFD44355435EREF!! Her laptop is the slim type (ASUS model) some more!!! You would think it won't be so pain but IT WAS SUPER PAIN OK WTF

After a while I notice a little bruising in my nail but couldn't see properly because of my nail polish. Then the next day, I notice the bruising was more so I decided to remove my nail polish. I'm going to post up the picture so don't scroll down if you don't want to see my ugly feet! haha. WARNING GIVEN.


 photo 20130803_170112_zps3498103d.jpg
My right toe, looking normal

 photo 20130803_170057_zps104d6578.jpg
My left toe, bleeding under the nail T_T

So just to give you guys some information on what this is called...

Subungual Hematoma - A condition in which there is bleeding under the fingernail or toenail. Usually caused by a crush injury (THE LAPTOP!!!) (Source : WebMD)

WAH SAI after this happen my toe seriously damn pain for some time!!! I kept telling my mum need to amputate my toe some more hahahaha

Something like this happen to me before. I was younger and I hit my toe onto a metal shelve (!!!) Then, a few days later my toe nail like want to come off so I cut it off. It was pretty cool wtf. I'm waiting for my current toe nail to become loose so I can cut it off. HAHAHAHA, I'm not kidding.

You got become this super suay before or not?

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Coffea Coffee, SS15

Just a short food post today guys! I've been eager to post about this place for a while!

Coffea Coffee first opened @ Bangsar, Malaysia. When I read some reviews about it when it just opened, it's not like I was really eager or anything. But suddenly one day when walking at night with my hubby around the area, I saw the cafe and I was like, "Fatty!!! That's the place I read about before! Want go or not!" and fatty was like, "Why not?".

Then there's one flavour that caught hubby's eyes - "Triple Mocha", a blend of three different types of chocolates plus coffee. Hubby's favourite but not so for me; I feel the chocolate flavours don't really "mix" and it tastes like separate entities instead of one fantastic taste. Anyway, we like the environment at Coffea Coffee very much although the pricetag on drinks is quite expensive.

So when I say Coffea Coffee's branch out of no where @ SS15, I was shouting to fatty, "It's here!"

 photo 20130702_130326_zps1a8a50fb.jpg 
My green tea latte and hubby's triple mocha ^.^
I prefer this green tea latte as compared to Starbuck's green tea latte.

 photo 20130702_131023_zps506bd145.jpg
OMGEEE. I love scones! The scones here were served warm and lovely ^_^

 photo 20130702_131046_zpsa47460df.jpg
I was quite surprised they gave the strawberry jam like this, but it was a nice surprise! :D

 photo 20130705_195103_zps611654c7.jpg
Fatty tapao the cake for me a few days after as my study aid! ^.^ The cake is better after it has been out for a while, if you eat it out right cold, it's too hard :)
   photo 20130702_130934_zps98761e6f.jpg
I was telling hubby then I think next time we should name our son Timothy since it seems like that successful people are named Timothy. LOL. For example, the Timothy in Coffea Coffee and Timothy Tiah with Nuffnang! Haha

Coffea Coffee
A-10, SS15/4D
47500 Subang Jaya
(Near K3K restaurant, or further down from Public Bank)
Website : Coffea Coffee

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Being insecure

There are some may times in life where I just feel so insecure about myself...About my weight, about my skin, about my grades & assignments, basically a lot of stuff.

Then I would call my hubby. He is the one who cheers me up saying that I'm smart and that I'm pretty. THENNN I would say that's he's a liar LOL. He kena trolled like that, encouraging me then I call him a liar eh =P

Sunday, 23 June 2013


You know when you watch those superhero movies, series etc etc, you feel like you WANT to be them? To have some sort of superpower? To help the world?

These shows all make me feel so down! Because I want those powers!

I am a person who is just AVERAGE at best at anything. In my studies, I am just average. In doing sports, I am just also average (For a normal person, don't compare to professionals ok lol). In being a social person, I fail lor cause I'm not popular! So, why is it that some people excel in one area, but I am just plain average in everything?


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The blamer

Sometimes in our life we are filled with negative emotions and thoughts. These negative thoughts and emotions then affect how we behave.

Off and on for the past few weeks I am filled with negative thoughts about friendships and academic life.

For an assignment, I told my "friend" I did 10 pages and she said, "Ha you do so many ah~~" (in a very surprised tone) and also telling me the did around the same number of pages. The next day I found out she added on about 2 more pages. She got a higher mark than me (I got 62% and she got 75%).

As much as my feelings are telling me to blame her, logically, I know it's my own fault for not trying harder, for not pushing my boundaries. It would be easy for me to blame her and say, "She didn't tell me she added more pages therefore I got a lower mark". I felt even more down because I felt the lecturer was quite lenient in his marking. If I had worked harder, maybe I could have gotten a higher mark. Another negative push was that a friend that I thought would score lower than me, scored higher than me! Sigh...

I felt that "friend" always ignores me and I, in turn, would ignore her back. She won't say Hi first or Bye and majority of the time I have to initiate it. After some time, I don't really want to initiate already. Felt so frustrated. So just let it be, we are in the same group but I am already tired of initiate it forcefully. If conversation occurs naturally then I'm ok la.

I didn't get a position in my university's volunteer society which made me think that some "bitch" talk down about me to the committee members. BUT, as much as my heart is telling me that this is true, I HAVE NO EVIDENCE. Thus, this is my own irrational beliefs! Felt really down because of this incident...

These are just a few incidents that happened to me... There are more la but save for next time. Haha

But, I am grateful for those who are always with me. My fatty and my mum.

Sunday, 12 May 2013


During the GE13, there was a lot of tension going about because of some "phantom" voters. People wanted to catch them and get rid of them so that they cannot vote. 

So, there were some people on facebook saying things like, "Bangla, go back to your own country la!", "Bangla Bangla Bangla", "Fuck you Banglas" and you get the gist. They were being mean to them (although not directly since they are ranting on facebook). 

Then, the videos of people hurting/being vulgar with these "phantom voters" started being shared around facebook. THE EXACT SAME PEOPLE who kept saying racist things about them then said, "Don't be mean to them la, we are still civil human beings".

And, I'm like, WTF man?! Just because you rant on facebook about them in a mean way doesn't mean that you are not being abusive or mean or racist too! How are you civil if you constantly insult them, even if it's through facebook? 

These are the people who are hypocrites. Good luck.