Sunday, 14 July 2013

Coffea Coffee, SS15

Just a short food post today guys! I've been eager to post about this place for a while!

Coffea Coffee first opened @ Bangsar, Malaysia. When I read some reviews about it when it just opened, it's not like I was really eager or anything. But suddenly one day when walking at night with my hubby around the area, I saw the cafe and I was like, "Fatty!!! That's the place I read about before! Want go or not!" and fatty was like, "Why not?".

Then there's one flavour that caught hubby's eyes - "Triple Mocha", a blend of three different types of chocolates plus coffee. Hubby's favourite but not so for me; I feel the chocolate flavours don't really "mix" and it tastes like separate entities instead of one fantastic taste. Anyway, we like the environment at Coffea Coffee very much although the pricetag on drinks is quite expensive.

So when I say Coffea Coffee's branch out of no where @ SS15, I was shouting to fatty, "It's here!"

 photo 20130702_130326_zps1a8a50fb.jpg 
My green tea latte and hubby's triple mocha ^.^
I prefer this green tea latte as compared to Starbuck's green tea latte.

 photo 20130702_131023_zps506bd145.jpg
OMGEEE. I love scones! The scones here were served warm and lovely ^_^

 photo 20130702_131046_zpsa47460df.jpg
I was quite surprised they gave the strawberry jam like this, but it was a nice surprise! :D

 photo 20130705_195103_zps611654c7.jpg
Fatty tapao the cake for me a few days after as my study aid! ^.^ The cake is better after it has been out for a while, if you eat it out right cold, it's too hard :)
   photo 20130702_130934_zps98761e6f.jpg
I was telling hubby then I think next time we should name our son Timothy since it seems like that successful people are named Timothy. LOL. For example, the Timothy in Coffea Coffee and Timothy Tiah with Nuffnang! Haha

Coffea Coffee
A-10, SS15/4D
47500 Subang Jaya
(Near K3K restaurant, or further down from Public Bank)
Website : Coffea Coffee

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