Wednesday, 27 February 2013

"Teach for Malaysia - My First Graduate"

So I applied for this program called, "My First Graduate" by Teach for Malaysia.

"A 9 month-long mentoring programme that aims to connect 24 university/college students with 24 SMK Segambut students from low-income backgrounds"

I got short listed for an interview and I choose a Tuesday 7.20PM timeslot for the interview. I think the interview timing is quite weird - it's between 6PM - 10PM. Interview at night, isn't that abit sketchy? haha :P

Actually wanted to quit after I saw the email that I got short listed cause I'm lazy LOL. Anyway, guess I should step out of my "comfort lazy" zone.

For now it's just an interview, it's not confirmed that I will get into the program. Doesn't matter la, I thought to myself when I applied that if I get it, I get it, and that if I didn't get it, I didn't get it. However, I think they will mostly accept anyone if there is not enough students applying trollolol.

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