Saturday, 23 February 2013

Back to this train of thought again

At times we ponder on why our lives are what their not suppose to be.

I mean, I guess many of us dream of becoming famous, contributing something great or unique to society and so on. But the thing is, not everyone is suppose to be "great", right?

It kind of sucks, because you see how others are living their lives and you think why couldn't that be you? I mean, come on.

But in a way, without "average" people there couldn't be "great" people. So, average people are helping the great people out. Haha.

I was talking to hubby the other day on why isn't my life like others where they could travel, study abroad, have the time/energy/motivation to multi-task different aspects of their lives and I ended up saying, "I guess it's not my time yet" which in a way is true. I mean, I could/would have more opportunity to do more things with my life once I started earning my own money instead of depending on my parents for cash (like how those studying abroad do, lucky bastards). Great success can't come without struggle, I guess.

For example, Kim Hyun Joong (:P). He ran away from home before, and he worked from a young age and earned 100 million won (not sure how true is this story but whatever, lol). Then, blablabla fast forward to the present - he is now famous and earning lots of money.

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