Monday, 28 January 2013

Our 6th year aniversary

On the -19.1.2012-, it is the 6th year anniversary of when my hubby and I got together =)

We went to Pavilion, KL first. On the way to Pavilion, I saw Alvin (from the Alvin and Vivian scandal)!    Haha, quite funny. I saw him then I was like saying to hubby, "That's Alvin! You know that Alvin!". He driving there thinking it was another person!

After reaching Pavilion, we went to TWG Tea @ Pavilion. Tea time like a Tai Tai =D

 photo IMG_0901-Copy_zps8adc2732.jpg 
Me =D

 photo IMG_0922_zpsad681dc7.jpg
Hubby =D

 photo IMG_0951_zps16939571.jpg
Scones! With cream + their tea jelly I think =D

Whuwhu! We each ordered teas for ourselves but the waiter didn't bring my scones at first cause he got confused I guess -_-. Hubby had some Arab tea while I had a Japanese Green Tea mixed with Strawberries I think =D

After we had our tea and chit chat (while making people wait for our seats :P), we walked around Pavilion!

This hubby ah, he told me for our anniversary dinner we would be going for Indian food! Actually when we were having our tea I said to him why he didn't choose Western food wan! Cause he likes western food! SOME MORE I TOLD HIM I WANTED CURRY LE CAUSE I SAW IT IN A FOOD BLOG AND WANTED TO EAT IT!

Super lie to me lor! Haha

So, then we walked to Starhill there!

Guess where we went to eat...

 photo IMG_092841_zpsc21eaf7f.jpg
We went to Angus House - Japanese Charcoal Steak!

I heard of this place before but I thought it was at another place!

 photo IMG_0964_zps2a95de0b.jpg
The menu =D

 photo IMG_0978_zps888ef495.jpg 
Hors d'oeuvre
Fried fish with AMAZING Green SAUCE!! =D

 photo IMG_0984_zps63ccc958.jpg
Haha, I think before this pic was taken the salad above the fish fell down!

 photo IMG_08602_zpsdff36e32.jpg
Hubby with the next course, salad! Actually got soup also wan but I didn't upload lolx

 photo IMG_0874_zpsc5a2a278.jpg 
MY RIB-EYE STEAK =D Which I didn't finish but hubby helped me to finish it!

 photo IMG_087611_zpsafc5c6b5.jpg
Hubby's Tenderloin Steak! Hubby purposely ordered the better one for me! =D

 photo IMG_087913_zps24589a6e.jpg

So for the night we had Bread and Butter, Hor d-oeuvre (with sauce in a heart shape which I think especially for us la!), Soup, Salad, STEAKS!! =D, and Dessert. This is a WHOLE SET! Each Set for both of us OK! =D

Super happy, hehe cause my steak was super nice! Nicer than hubby's one (that's why I said he purposely ordered the better one for me lolx)

OK LA DON'T say I so bad never give him anything Ok! CAUSE I DID HAHAHAHA =P

 photo IMG_0977_zps449c0ab9.jpg  
Hubby's 2nd present! 
Before this I gave him a card which should be counted as the 1st present =P 

 photo IMG_089827-Copy_zps809b4eab.jpg
Hubby opening his fourth present ^.^

 photo IMG_0909_zps8c72102e.jpg 
Open open

 photo IMG_092337-Copy_zps6b4c9981.jpg
Shirt from Dude And The Duchess! Hehe =D

See I so super sweet get my hubby FOUR presents! One is the card, two is from Pull and Bear and lastly, one from the Dude and the Duchess! Hehe, actually got one stupid person say why spend so much can buy cheaper one from other places but it's for someone you love! WHY YOU WANT TO BE SO CHEAP?

Hehe, so to wrap everything up...

Happy 6th year Anniversary Hubby! ^.^

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