Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Judgement or Observation?

Not really sure how to start this post...So I'll just have to write whatever.

Do you ever notice people are always judging each other? I mean, everyone judges other people, but just how much? Too much? Too little? Just right?

Should people even be judging others? 

For me, I believe you can judge others but just judge others in your own head and don't let others know about it. Unless the people you plan to reveal it to, you can trust 100% with your opinion.

BUT, I think another issue arises then, when we do this, do we think we are judging them OR do we think that we are just observing them?

I guess something we learnt in Communication Skills class is that we should not be make assumptions based what we have seen, but just to described the observed behaviour. Let me give you an example.

"Emily tells untrue stories about her friends when she is upset with them"

Would you
(a) say she is a person who tells untrue stories about her friends
(b) say she is a bitch

Usually, people would say (b) instead of saying (a). Why? Why do we judge instead of stating their behaviours? You may think that there might not be a huge difference, but there is a difference nonetheless.

AND this difference could cause a difference perception of the person or what not.

So, what am I really saying? I guess it's that, people should do less judging and more describing people's behaviour to save themselves a lot of trouble.

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