Saturday, 29 September 2012

Yalo (Not Ya lo) YALO

On Tuesday night, I stayed back at uni to do an assignment with my friend. We did it at the library discussion room and it was cold. I think my body had enough and decided to make me sick the next day LOL.

Actually I didn't want to go uni wan :( So being sick helped me out lololol

Haha anyway, hubby gave me cough syrup and pills (PILLLLSSSS not panadol, because hubby don't want to suffer next time) on Wednesday. Ate them but got worse the next day....because....I did not sleep early.


So Thursday morning before class, Hubby took me to Pyramid to get me something to eat first so I can eat my medicine. I suggest we go drink the herbal drink. Then ok la, we went there and sat down and I ordered two of the Five Flower Herbal Tea for me and hubby. But hubby said, "Why you want me suffer with you?!" Hahahahhaa. So I drank two bowls of the tea. It did help A LITTLE.

Then hubby made me eat porridge enough though I didn't want T.T We went to buy fever patch after that. I bought the one for babies because it was cheaper. lol. Then when I took it out right, I thought it would be the same size as an adult fever patch so I wanted to cut it into half. When I opened it right, IT WAS SO SMALL fml. And it also had cute patterns of animals on it! Haha

So after that hubby took me to uni.

Some people thought what happen to my head because the patch made it look like something bad happen to my head (like I needed to get stitches? @@) I jokingly said if it was stitches...I would be in the hospital now @@

So I got worse again Thursday night because dun dun dunnnnnnnnn I didn't sleep early again fml

Friday morning, hubby took me to class. I bought orange juice to help me. Later hubby and I ate pasta and pizza. (Sick person eating pasta, GENIUS ME @@) Haha

Thank you hubby for taking good care of me when I am sick ♥

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