Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bus Adventures! #1

Ok lol at the title. But like it says, ~Bus Adventures~ LOLOLOL

Today I took the bus. And...It was...Meh...

I left the house around 10AM and *voila* the bus appeared in front of my house (first time) then I had to rush for it! The guards at my area signalled the driver to stop. But when I got to the side of the bus, the bus like wanted to take off!!! WTF MAN! Ok then I got the bus.

My stop was Pyramid. For those who know, there are 3 stops opposite of the Pyramid area. To walk the flyover to Pyramid, you either gotta stop at the second or third flyover stop. So usually I would get off the second one but TODAY I decided I wanted to get off the third one because it was nearer to where I wanted to go in Pyramid. When everyone was getting off the second stop, I felt like I should have went down too but I didn't. Then, when approaching the third stop, the driver did NOT stop! FML right? hahaha

Anyway, in retrospect, maybe I should have gotten down somewhere in Mentari...

So the bus passed Mentari, on was on the way to KL using the Mid Valley way. There was nothing I can do also so just sit and relax on the bus lo.

After passing Sri Petaling, the bus driver asked me where I wanted to go (at this point, I was the only one in the bus) and I told him I wanted to get down at pyramid but he passed the third stop. Sigh

Then two more passengers got in the bus. After a while, this guy came into the bus. Then, he suppose to pay the driver right? All the guy had was a bunch RM50s. FHL the driver said no change and OPENED the bus door after driving for like 5 seconds from picking up this guy. I felt it was abit...not good of the driver la but then again, thinking from his shoes, how can he just make exceptions? I kind of believe he had no change because the money had to be placed into a box, it's not given directly to him.

Me and the other passenger gave the guy money to pay. I gave RM1 while the other girl gave RM2. The fare was RM2.50, I gave him only RM1 cause I thought it's only RM1 lo.

After that, the guy insisted the other girl to take something from him but she refused but he still insisted until she take. I was thinking I also gave him what why never offered me anything?! wtf Then he did offer me but I rejected la cause it's only RM1 -_- but he just kept insisting so I took it. It was foreign money, 20RUPEES.

Haha, then finally I reached Pyramid!


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