Friday, 17 August 2012

Digi, Oh, Digi!

Recently I changed to Digi postpaid plan that has 1GB of internet I can use. It seem like alot, oh boy.

So I keep instagram, instagram lol.

Then suddenly that day I couldn't use the internet and I thought just wait another day before I call Digi.

-next day-

Still cannot so I called them. The thing I hate about calling Digi is that it's like they don't want to answer you personally lol. Let me explain, when you call, a machine comes on, then they give you options like 'If you wanna know more about our internet plan please press 1, if not press 2'. Then still goes on for a while till you get to your option which is to talk to customer service.

Then the guy tells me my area has disruptions but it will be ok by the next day, MAX.

-next next day-

CANNOT. fuuuuu.jpg
Called again, the guy told me the same thing about the disruptions in my area, and he said 'OH, and you already reached your 1GB' limit'.

I was like, why didn't the guy tell me yesterday?! ==

Then ok, I asked why didn't I get an SMS or anything? Then blablabla, he said he can reset my internet quota to 0, but can only do this ONCE in my whole sim card life lololol. I don't know if this is true or not but whatever, (in the end he didn't also lol)

He transferred me to technical support. I explain what happen to this guy. I said at least they should send me an SMS informing me I reached my quota already, instead of me having to call them! Then he said in the log, they have already sent the SMS informed me I reached my quota. I said NO. I did not receive it! The SMSes I receive from Digi is asking me to apply for their other services and what shit.

So, the guy said he will update or reset or whatever my profile.

The point of this to post it.

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