Monday, 8 April 2013


In today's class, we learnt one of Adler's way of counselling is to use Early Recollection (for some sort of assessment). So, basically the client would tell things they remember from their childhood. I thought this was quite interesting, so I would be just writing some of my childhood memories that I remember...

#I was sick one day. My dad came home and I went half way down the stairs, and he carried me from there to the ground floor. Quite happy when I think of this memory.

#In Standard 1, I dropped a boy's bottle and it broke (=(), so I offered him to drink from my bottle. He said the water was sweet. I was quite puzzled because I was thinking, water got any taste one meh? Lol. But apparently got la! Because people got drink my house water before and also say it's sweet. Maybe because it's RO water?! Haha

#3My mum bringing me porridge during my recess because I asked her to bring it for me. Hehe

#4My love for Aaron Carter!!! Hahaha!!! Last time I always daydream if we date must date in secret because later my dad find out wtf hahaha

For Adler's theory, he says that our past affects our interpretation and behaviour now but we can change that... #PsychologyRamblings hahaha

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