Saturday, 21 July 2012


I think some people or many people treat those around them a certain way.

If we know someone is rich and famous or popular, we tend to be more attentive towards them because we want them to like us or at least give recognition to us. However, if you are not popular, rich and are less fortunate than others, those people will think that your attention does not matter and they can just do what they please to you.

They think less of you and that whatever you have to offer is not good enough. They may be in the same group as you but they think you are not that relevant. So, they tend to be more attached to those who they think are more "popular" in the same said group. This also applied when you have less material items such as a car.

So how do you overcome this? 

I think the normal advice would be just to ignore them but it is easier said than done. 

However, it is a good advice. Just let them be. If they think you are not good enough, then why should they have any value towards us? Yes, it is easy to let people like this affect us but if we use some cognitive effort, we might be able to think otherwise.

We might have less material items than others but it does not mean we have any less. Let me explain. Person A has a car, but she does badly in memorising and not so pretty. Person B doesn't have a car but she has people who love and care for her deeply, has above average looks and can at least pass her exams.

Basically, everyone has a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but they will not have everything. Even if they seem to have everything, does not necessarily mean it is true. Maybe they lack intimacy but have all the money in the world.

I guess it's just up to ourselves and those who care for you to be appreciative of what you have to offer.

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